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Dress up in your best robe and enjoy a decadent evening with international burlesque and boylesque artists from all over the world with a roaring twenties vintage atmosphere!
Forget about the Now and get on a journey back to the 20s & 30s with the most beautiful girls, amazing elegant burlesqueshows,
produced by Boudoir Noir with burlesquedancer Xarah von den Vielenregen.
Get a free welcome drink & small bites, sweet candy and much more...
It is about having a splendid and amusing time with great entertainment in a sophisticated way -
Welcome to the Blue Moon Cabaret!

Boudoir Noir

The SOLD OUT Blue Moon Cabaret - The Decadent Burlesque Soirée No 16:

 Boudoir Noir presents: The sold out Blue Moon Cabaret - The Decadent Burlesque Soirée No 16. Opening theme with 20s showgirl and burlesquedancer Xarah von den Vielenregen by Mickael Bjorn



impression of the first edition 2016 at the Blue Collar Theatre in Eindhoven:

glitter & glamour, black tie, evening dress, burlesque, roaring twenties, 30s, 40s, 50s, Great Gatsby, flappergirl, dandy, decadent chique.....


doors open: 20.30
show starts: 21:00




also available at the 16th edition - lovely Blue Moon Cabaret Jewellery!!!

Blue Moon Cabaret jewellery is available at the every edition of the Blue Moon Cabaret in Eindhoven! Finest vintage entertainment and burlesqueshows by Boudoir Noir.